Board of Education Meeting

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BCBI Public Participation at Board Meetings (See BCAE and KN) BCBI

Open Forum

The president or presiding officer may ask patrons attending if they would like to speak

during the open forum. Rules for the public forum will be available from the clerk prior to the

board meeting and at the meeting itself. The board president may impose a limit on the time a

visitor may address the board. The board president may ask groups with the same interest to

appoint a spokesperson to deliver the group’s message. Except to ask clarifying questions,

board members shall not interact with speakers at the open forum.

Patron-Requested Agenda Items

Any patron may request addition of a specific agenda item and shall notify the

superintendent {seven} days prior to the meeting and state the reason(s) for the request.

The superintendent shall determine whether the request can be solved by staff without

the patron’s appearance before the board. If not, the superintendent shall consult with the

board president, and the patron’s request may be placed on the next regular board meeting


Handling Complaints

The superintendent may refer complaints to the board only if a satisfactory adjustment

cannot be made by a principal, the superintendent, or other appropriate staff members.

Approved: KASB Recommendation-1/01; 4/07


Board of Education Meeting

~ Citizen Comments ~


Community input is both welcomed and encouraged to specific times during Board of Education meeting. Patrons may address the board regarding any item on the agenda during the Public Presentations-Hearing of Audience agenda item or as directed by the Board of Education President. The Superintendent and/or Board Clerk should be notified of intent to speak during the Public Presentation-Hearing of Audience agenda item by submitting the attached Request to Speak Form at the District Office by 2:00 PM on the day of a board meeting. Permission to speak shall be at the discretion of the Board of Education President.

Guidelines to Address Board of Education:

  1. Each individual wishing to address the Board should complete the bottom of this form. The completed form should be given to the Clerk of the Board prior to the meeting as addressed above. Citizens wishing to address the Board will be recognized by the Board President and should stand and state their name and address.
  1. Time is provided during the Public Presentation-Hearing of Audience agenda items near the beginning of each Board meeting for comments from citizens on topics NOT included on the evening’s agenda.
  1. Each speaker will be limited to no more than three to five minutes with the expectation that no one individual will speak more than once on any given agenda item or topic. If there are several individuals wishing to speak on any one topic, speakers should avoid duplicating what has been said previously. Speakers may speak on more than one agenda item and should indicate the topics to be addressed on the form handed to the Clerk. Individuals who have not spoken previously are given the opportunity to speak first.
  1. Participants are expected to respect each speaker’s opinion. Speakers will only address issues; comments about personalities and/or personnel will not be permitted.
  1. Board members will listen carefully to the speakers’ comments and concerns, but will not engage in any discussion/debate with the speakers. Board members may ask questions for clarification purposes. Should the topic warrant further discussion, the Board may, by consensus, suggest that the topic be considered at a future Board meeting.
  1. Should there be more citizens wishing to speak than can be accommodated in the amount of time available, those individuals will be invited to attend a future Board meeting or may share their concerns/comments with the Board in writing. Depending upon the topic and number of individuals wishing to speak on a particular issue, the Board may elect to schedule a work/discussion session on the particular topic at hand.

Your cooperation in following these guidelines is appreciated.


Board of Education Meeting

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